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Hello everyone, thanks for using this obfuscator. It has recently come to my attention that this and every other available free online public obfuscator can easily be decoded using tools such as,, and

Cobra Private PHP Obfuscator It is because of this, I have developed an ultra-secure private PHP obfuscator called Cobra. I am no longer supporting this public version of my obfuscator, but you are still free to use it. Cobra PHP Obfuscator is available for sale and can not be deobfuscated/decoded using online tools and does not require server-side extensions in order to run.

Check out the Cobra PHP Obfuscator homepage for information, features and purchase instructions -

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Protip: The "Encode variable names" and "Encode user-defined function names" obfuscation options might not be compatible with your code, so if your obfuscated code doesn't work then try disabling these options.

And finally... I provide this as a free service and would like feedback on this, so if you have any suggestions, bugs or just want to say thanks, let me know in the comments form.

php code

obfuscation options

Strip whitespace and comments
Encode variable names
Encode user-defined function names
preg_match Stub
Encryption -- Encryption depth:
Encryption Depth: The amount of times the obfuscator will encrypt and pack the code. More depth means bigger filesize and more work for the CPU to run the encrypted code. The benefit of this though is that it would take someone much more effort to decrypt it and read the original code.
I am only allowing a maximum encryption depth of 3. If you want even better security with up to 50x encryption depth then please contact me.
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