Bass Piratez

Bass Piratez is a Handzup/Commercial Trance music project, started in May 2008. Here you can find all the music I produced as “Bass Piratez”. I am no longer producing this type of music so this page is acting as an archive of full MP3 downloads, as well as previously unreleased Bass Piratez music. Follow me on twitter and check out the Bass Piratez facebook page for updates of new music, mixes and samples.

MP3 Downloads

EX:IT – Moby Phone (Bass Piratez Remix Edit)
EX:IT – Moby Phone (Bass Piratez Remix)
Bass Piratez – Pirate Dance (Original Mix)
Bass Piratez – Pirate Dance (Club Mix)
Bass Piratez – Pirate Dance (Extended Mix)
Topmodelz – When You’re Looking Like That (Bass Piratez Remix)
Tokyo Hotel – Monsoon (Bass Piratez Remix)
Mangoon Ft. Corina – I Did It Anyway (Bass Piratez Remix)
Freestylerz – What Would Bryan Boitano Do (Bass Piratez Remix)
Baby Alice – Pina Colada Boy (Bass Piratez Remix)
Bass Piratez – Isengard
Bass Piratez – Fairytale
Bass Piratez – The Start

8 Responses

  1. Sean says:

    can I use your music for gameplay and other videos, so long as I leave links to your soundcloud, this site, newgrounds etc…

    please tell me which links you prefer so you can make my life easier and give you free advertising, lol.

    bw, I found you though a stepmania pack and I love your music.

    my youtube channel is “knexfan100″ and I will be uploading my minecraft fuckery there until I finish editing my first lets play.

  2. Earthpunk says:


  3. matterz says:

    I think that too :)!!!!

  4. Retrauk says:

    You need to start making music again. You are the artist that got me into techno. I’ve listened to Tropical hundreds of times for both versions. NGAP could use some of your style of music again.

  5. matterz says:

    messed up the song on the internet when I you released it…but nothing heard now…basses piratez!!expand sails!!!:)

  6. atomiku says:

    @Matterz: It’s mainly because I haven’t had the time or motivation for producing music right now. I’m planning to start producing again in the coming months, but I am trying to improve with producing Drum and Bass mainly… I have had plans to make one final Bass Piratez track, one that would be even better than Pirate Dance…

  7. Matterz says:

    why dont you producing music hands up?

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