Atomic Inc

Atomic Inc is a Trance / Happy Hardcore music project I started sometime around 2006, about a year after I first started producing with Fruity Loops (now FL Studio). All of Atomic Inc’s music can be downloaded from:

Atomic Inc became mildly famous when I uploaded a song called ‘Tropical’ to newgrounds and it was used on popular flash game Ski Runner. Tropical received 300,000 combined views on youtube and has been heard over 4,000,000 times (based on number of times Ski Runner has been played).

Since then my style has changed and the Atomic Inc project is no longer. After Atomic Inc I started producing as Bass Piratez with a more cleaner, crisper sound but Bass Piratez is also dormant now. I plan to produce a few more Bass Piratez tunes but I really want to focus on Drum&Bass and Breakbeat now.

Feel free to leave feedback on the comments, I’d appreciate it :] – Thanks for all the support over the years. Also: Atomic Inc has an official facebook page: Like it!

MP3 Downloads

Atomic Inc – Tropical
Atomic Inc – Tropical (Bass Piratez 2011 Edit)
Atomic Inc – Sailor Man! (Original Mix)
Atomic Inc – Still Alive Remix (Portal)

The rest of Atomic Inc’s music can be downloaded from the newgrounds page:

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  1. Harry says:

    Just wanted to say your music was part of my childhood for years.. I still know all the songs easily aha! 5+ of your songs are on my most played songs on my iPhone.. Tokyo being top with over 200 plays aha.. Just thought I’d let you know.. Reminds me of my childhood

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