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Mac: Don’t like pressing ALT+3 to do a hash #? Bind the \ backspace key to hash just like on Windows!

I like my Macbook. Great for coding and internet browsing. I can’t really game on it, but who cares when you’ve got a gaming machine for those times? One small thing that annoys me is having to press ALT + 3 every time I need a hash #. Whether it be for CSS ids or

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TotalFinder: Tabbed Mac Finder, Sort Folders on Top, and more

Sometimes while working on a project I would have 3 or 4 finder windows open at a time and things could get messy quite quickly. Trying to find a particular finder window that had been hidden under Firefox or Thunderbird for instance. The finder is very useful but I felt it was missing something… This

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Show CPU / Memory / Network stats and more in the Mac OS X menubar with iStat Menus

Hey, just thought I’d share a nifty application I recently discovered for Mac. It’s called iStat Menus and it allows you to view a wide range of different stats straight from the menu bar. Every menu such as network, CPU usage or memory have a number of customization options. Primarily the Color and Display Format

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