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atoChat v1.0.1 preview video

The video can be seen at atoChat needs beta testers so please email me via the contact page if you’re interested in the free beta and leave me your email address so I can get back to you. Thanks. (atoChat v1.0.1 release imminent!).

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atoChat v1.0

Just a recap here, of some things that have changed in atoChat v1.0: Installer updated with new skin Now almost XHTML compliant Javascript moved to its own .js file, instead of being in the index.php All the ajax calls are much more stable now, it initializes it’s own xmlHttp object for each call instead of

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Site Updates and atoChat v1.0 beta

New pages up: Atomic Inc, Bass Piratez, DJ Zappa and teroMUD. atoChat v1.0 is basically ready so a beta link will be added to the atoChat page late March, if you would like to try the beta before that time then please send me your email address through the contact form, thanks. atoChat v1.0 screenshots

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