atoDRM – Secure PHP Obfuscation + Licensing System

atoDRM is a secure PHP obfuscation + Licensing System that I developed primarily so I could release my commercial scripts that would only work on the domain they have been licensed to, with the option of the script expiring after a certain date. If you are interested in using this system to protect your code then please get in contact with me.

Cobra PHP Obfuscator has a feature for locking a script to a particular domain, if you’re interested in a secure PHP obfuscator, please see:

How does it work? A real life example…

With my AJAX chat script, atoChat, I would provide the whole script (not obfuscated) with the exception of two core files. I would create a license for the user via my web app, and once the user has ran the atoChat installer he is told to enter his license key at:

Once entering the license key, the system will place the license checker into the two core files, obfuscate those files, then provide a download link to them. The user downloads the obfuscated files and then places them into the script folder. With the two core files now in the script folder, he can now use the script on his domain. There is no worry about the script being released/leaked as it just won’t work on any other domain.

The system uses a modified version of the PHP obfuscator that I provide as a free service on my website. As of yet, nobody is able to decrypt / unobfuscate the code.

Want to use it for your own script?

If you are interested in using this system to protect your code (and make money!) then please get in contact with me. Bear in mind this is a commercial option and is not free.

Step 1: Enter License Key

Step 2: Download Obfuscated + License Protected files

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