teroMUD is a graphical MUD (Multi-user Dungeon) I was developing. A MUD is basically a text-based online RPG. The client is built with the Qt framework in C++ and the server is coded in perl. I got quite far into the development of this before giving up on it because I didn’t have time anymore. It had a web-based map editor, a scripting system with scripted items/npcs/entities, inventory, PvP, PvE, spells, shops, weather system, doors (with keys), follow/unfollow and a whole lot more. It’s a shame, really, because the chances are this project will never be completed due to lack of time and interest.

The site for teroMUD can be found at: http://atomiku.com/teromud/ – There are more screenshots and a list of commands so you can get a better idea about what stage teroMUD had gotten to. It definitely had the potential to be one of the best MUDs out there.


Gameplay Video

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