TotalFinder: Tabbed Mac Finder, Sort Folders on Top, and more

Posted on November 6, 2012 Under OSX 0 Comments

Sometimes while working on a project I would have 3 or 4 finder windows open at a time and things could get messy quite quickly. Trying to find a particular finder window that had been hidden under Firefox or Thunderbird for instance. The finder is very useful but I felt it was missing something… This is where TotalFinder comes in.

TotalFinder is a utility that allows you to have multiple tabs, plus a few extra handy features such as easily being able to Show/Hide hidden files, and my favourite: showing folders at top. I never liked the way the Finder would sort the files. There was the standard options such as sorting by Name or File Size but it would mix the files and folders together, which is annoying when you’re traversing through directories. Having folders first then files seems much more logical to me. Luckily TotalFinder answered my prayers on that one. So here’s a screenshot of it in action, and you can download it from I recommend this to absolutely every Mac user.

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