atoChat v1.0.1 preview video

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14 Responses

  1. atomiku says:

    Hey guys, the new atoChat will eventually be released and sold commercially as ‘CoffeeChat’ on Sign up to the newsletter if you would like to be notified when CoffeeChat is released.

  2. Jessica Olanstrom says:

    Hi Atomiku!
    I see your activity on twitter has declined last few months.
    How’s the chat going, abandoned the project? I’ve been lurking this (and your old site) for a while, and tested the 0.5 version (which I liked!).

    I would love to help you bug-test the chat if you still need testers.

    Nodejs developer myself, but know my way around most languages. :)

    Jessica O.

  3. Annushka says:

    Дяяя….старая темка, но ми тут нету^^ даже если не по картинкам смотреть))) нету и фсё^_^

  4. atomiku says:

    Due to the fact I don’t have much time, atoChat progress is going slowly. When I sent out the beta, there was only one bug found. This might be a good thing, or it means that nobody has been looking for bugs lol!

    The main thing I need to do now, is finish the language and translation part of atoChat.


  5. badman says:


    is the update ready yet ??

    Thank You

  6. Curtis says:

    Still wondering when this will be =)

  7. Samuel. says:

    Hellow, thanks ^^
    I waiting your email !
    Great jobs !

  8. atomiku says:

    Beta is almost ready! Will send out the download links tonight, thanks!

  9. Samuel. says:

    The beta version are ready ?

  10. Curtis says:

    Sounds like a plan , Id love to test this out and see if i can find any flaws , Keep me updated

  11. atomiku says:

    Thanks for the interest, Curtis – I will sort you out the atoChat beta over the weekend dude!
    I am thinking about releasing atoChat for a small price of $5 – but beta testers will have v1.0.1 for free though.

  12. Curtis says:

    I really liked the .05 version than i saw the v1.0.1 video and all i could say was “wow” keep up the good work Matt

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