Show CPU / Memory / Network stats and more in the Mac OS X menubar with iStat Menus

Posted on October 26, 2012 Under OSX 1 Comment

Hey, just thought I’d share a nifty application I recently discovered for Mac. It’s called iStat Menus and it allows you to view a wide range of different stats straight from the menu bar.

Every menu such as network, CPU usage or memory have a number of customization options. Primarily the Color and Display Format (Pie/Graph/xx% view).  Clicking a menu item will show a nice drop-down containing a lot of useful information. Check out the memory drop-down for instance:

Typically, Firefox is using the most ram – but that goes without saying really. iStat Menus has a replacement menu for the clock, too. I never liked the default clock menu because it didn’t show me a calendar which can be handy at times.

Hint: You can drag to reorder the menus by holding CMD before you drag a menu item. You can also remove items this way, too, by dragging it off the bar.

You can buy iStat Menus for $16 from Sixteen dollars might seem a little steep for an app that just displays info but you can tell a lot of effort went into this and it’s only the same price as 3 pints of Lager! Have a think about that next time you’re at the pub.

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