From web developer to designer…

A great developer, but not so much a designer. It seems that over the years working as a web developer all my my focus went into just that… developing. I read online though that there are many people who work exclusively as developers and never design a PSD in their life.

One of the pitfalls many developers face is their inability to make a great design for the product they code, either for lack of time, ability or interest. While design certainly isn’t everything, it is one of the bigger factors that can help make or break your business. To be a successful, self-reliant and cost-effective developer, having a basic understanding of design will be a crucial asset.

Over the years I have relied on templates or being supplied PSD’s by excellent designers I have worked with. Going from developer to designer is going to take a while. A few things I am going to be trying this year:


Photoshop tutorials are a great way to learn new techniques and ideas. The site I have always gone to for ‘good tutorials’ is:


A lot of wonderful web design inspiration can be found at –

A rather funny comparison between web designers and web developers below, you may want to click to view bigger:

Infographic by: Shane Snow.

So, anybody have any advice or success stories from going from developer to designer? I’d love to hear… thanks for reading.

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