Fasthosts shared SSL and osCommerce: Not happening!

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3 Responses

  1. mission tx apartments says:

    Thoughtful post! Love what you do!

  2. This is possible with cpanel hosted websites. You can have your own ip with https behind your domain name. Email me if you have any questions via our website!

    I guess they should add options in to support shared ssl.

    • atomiku says:

      I see, so how might this work? The major issue is really that osCommerce can’t read the session cookies once the URL changes… There appears to be a “HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN” configuration for it, but I never managed to get it working… How does your host handle shared SSL? For a dedicated SSL certificate do you need to have a dedicated IP, too? If you give your customers a dedicated IP, technically they would also have a dedicated certificate too, right? It is technically possible for osCommerce to support shared SSL, but they would have to change the way logins/sessions are handled… My idea is that perhaps when osCommerce takes them to the shared SSL domain, it could include the secret session ID over, and osCommerce could set the new cookie on the new domain… I may write a patch some time…

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