atoChat v1.0

Just a recap here, of some things that have changed in atoChat v1.0:

  • Installer updated with new skin
  • Now almost XHTML compliant
  • Javascript moved to its own .js file, instead of being in the index.php
  • All the ajax calls are much more stable now, it initializes it’s own xmlHttp object for each call instead of using a global one.
  • Help screen updated, looks much better now
  • showsmileys() will now only display image files. Good for when windows makes that annoying Thumbs.db file, then atoChat ends up thinking it’s a smiley.
  • Cleaned up all the files and includes
  • Now using atolib library
  • Update checker updated
  • Color picker added instead of dropdown menu
  • Central PHP script for the chat is no longer central

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