the blog returns… “Hello World!”

Sup. I’ve been wanting to update for a while now. At first I was planning to design and build a very simple “holding page” styled template that had only links to my music, projects, etc… but instead decided that if I run my site on wordpress, it would open up the option for me to write about the various things that I discover and learn, mostly about web development. I have a moderately-sized list of things I want to write about that I’ve been adding to, for the past year, for when I eventually have some time. The list contains post ideas mostly about code, such as tutorials, script-hacks, fixes, etc. When I’ve got stuff a little more organized in life I will find the time to get the posts out there, but in the meantime enjoy what I currently have uploaded here. Music, mixes and atoChat v0.5. Heh. For anyone who is wondering, atoChat v1.0 is basically done and it kicks ass, but I need to do more beta testing on it before I release it. Soon I will post some screenshots and a list of new features. If anyone is interested in beta testing, leave a comment. Peace out.

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