The benefits of Google Analytics

I’m going to write a little bit about Google Analytics today, for those who don’t know anything about it. If you already use Google Analytics on your website then stop reading now, I’m only going to be going through the basics.

So, what is Google Analytics? It’s an amazing web application that allows you to see the performance and statistics of your website. Tracking how your website performs is crucial. It’s the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t. It saves down all sorts of key information such as what browsers your visitors are using, where they came from, what keywords they used to find your site on google, what screen resolution they’re using and all sorts of other interesting and important information. This can be a vital tool if you are looking to optimise your website for search engines.

I recommend Google Analytics to anyone who runs a website and is interested in what is going on with their visitors. To get Google Analytics installed and working on your website, the first step would be to go to If you already have a google account (Which you WILL have if you use gmail) you can click “Access Analytics” and login as normal. If you don’t have a google account, click “Sign Up Now” and get yourself registered.

Once you’re logged into Google Analytics, you should be given a sign up page if you’ve never used it before. Click the sign up button and get the form filled in. Once you’re all done, you will be given a block of javascript code to put at the top of your website, in thetags. Get that put in and you’re all ready to go! You’ll have to give the analytics data some time to update, it appears to be updated daily so you may have to wait till the next day to see anything interesting.

Well, hopefully I’ve covered everything. Do leave me a comment if you found this helpful, or if you need more help. Thanks, and enjoy! :)

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